A whimsical summer wedding

Looking for ways to go eco-friendly on your wedding day?  Grab inspiration from Tara & Andy who chose to tie the knot at Spence Cabin in Tennessee.  We’re in love with their sophisticated, outdoorsy style.  From Tara’s beautiful BHLDN gown to her upswept hair & overall minimalistic fashion, there’s no shortage of ways you can celebrate your love for one another while being stylish yet earth-friendly.  If you’re in search of some ways to reduce your footprint, check out your local parks for rental information.  We hope you enjoy this collection they’ve shared with us from their wedding day.  Love their photos?  Check out our friends Kathleen and Joe from JoPhoto.

Photography – JoPhoto – http://www.JoPhotoOnline.com
Bouquets – LB Floral – http://www.lbfloral.com
Gown – BHLDN – http://www.bhldn.com
Hair & Makeup – Tony Williams
Film Lab – PhotoVision – http://www.photovisionprints.com

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses – What To Wear

Looking for something to wear to a rehearsal dinner?  We’ve got you covered.

Planning attire for different weddings in different locations can be a bit crazy.  We’ve all been that person at a late night wedding event with no jacket and a freezing cold dress wondering why we didn’t choose something more appropriate.  We’re here to solve your dress decision woes.  Whether you are hitting a garden party in downtown London, or escaping to Cabo San Lucas, these dresses will show off your curves, help you relax, kickback with some lovely conversation, beautiful cocktails, and have a wonderful time.



Sweet Afternoon Tea Recipes

Afternoon tea recipes

This afternoon I indulged in a sweet, cream-filled English breakfast tea & scrumptious lavender madeleines.  I was so inspired by the soft, buttery texture of these madeleines that I bought all the ingredients on my way home and have invited a few girlfriends over for tea.  Mmm!  I’ve put together a few of my favorite recipes for your own afternoon tea celebration.  Whether you’re having your great grandmother over for your bridal shower, or your girlfriends from college, these recipes are sure to make everyone weak in the knees.  Cardamom.  Chocolate.  Kringle.  Honey.  Doughnut.  Yeah, you don’t have to tell me twice. Don’t forget that clotted cream with your scones!  Enjoy.  xx

Takin’ it from the top!

1 – Mini Vegan Doughnuts from Jamie Oliver.  Make these

2 – Almond Scones from Judith Rae of Food 52. Indulge in these babies

3 – Honey, Lavender, Dark Chocolate Madeleines – Bee’s Bakery on Jamie Oliver. Yes, please

4 – Cinnamon Cardamom Kringle Bread – Poires au Chocolat of Food 52. Cardamom, I love you

Hot summer hairstyles

If you’re like me, you are very ready for warm, sunny days, and Memorial Day weekend is just the time to start thinking about summer!  Our garden is just starting to bloom and I can hardly wait to start baking fresh, herb-filled breads, homemade marinara & basil sauces & citrus spritzers!  Yum to summertime.

Today I’m feeling excited for the long weekend and having time to do my hair during my lounge-around mornings with the fam.   Hopefully my husband will be making chocolate chip pancakes!  In honor of these upcoming lazy, sunny days (I know you are all with me), here are some lovely hairstyles from classic to easy & whimsical.